About the Company

The passion for software development was long ingrained into the companies before its founding date. Karl Bohlin was seven years old when he pestered his parents to buy him a computer. He succeeded. and his dedication to pursue computer science allowed him to forge a successful career in the ERP industry.

In his second year of high school Karl got a job for a company cleaning hard disks and was recruited as a junior developer by age 17. Later while on paternity leave with a quiet new-born, Karl found himself with copious amounts of spare time. A friend approached him and asked if he could write software for the Macintosh computer. As a certified programmer for Windows, Karl accepted the opportunity to broaden his skillset. He soon began work on the project which later led to the development of a small Nominal Ledger program - a helpful tool that accountants use to enter transactions and run balance sheets.

As time went on Karl added more and more logical functionalities and the product soon evolved into a fully equipped accounting program.

Karl soon found himself with a useful product but no idea how to go about selling it. He contacted Apple about selling the product on their market. One thing led to another and soon articles of Karl's program were circulating within Apple's network.

With the software originally intended for the Swedish market, Karl was delighted when he was approached by two Finnish businessmen asking to have the program translated for Finland.

Within a couple of days, Karl had translated the product allowing for quick expansion into the Finnish market. By 1999, Karl was selling 100 copies a month in Sweden and 70 in Finland.

With continuous development, the product soon grew from a small accounting program to a complete logistics system offering accounting, goods receipts, stock and store management modules.

With sales under his belt, Karl registered his business for the trademark name of Nordic Business Solutions, that later changed to Baltic Business solutions as the company expanded its market base in the region.

By the companies fifth year Karl's product was the only one on the market with multilingual support and soon earned a world-leading reputation. In 1994, it was decided to diversify the product to accommodate medium-sized businesses and in the late nineties, the company extended its operations to the United Kingdom allowing for easier global expansion.

Before long, further logical functionalities were added including CRM (customer relationship management) to keep track of customer details; calendar, to keep track of the past; task manager for the future; as well as the quotations module to keep track of future sales.

With expansion in full swing, the company decided to offer cross-platform environments giving users the ability to host on either Mac or Windows computers.

The innovation did not stop there and by 2001, Baltic Software Solutions was the only software vendor to host a full client on mobile.

In 2004, the company changed its name to what we know it as today: HansaWorld. By 2008, HansaWorld had offices in Europe, the United States, South Africa, Australia, and the Middle East positioning itself as a global leader in ERP software. Over the years, more modules and industry-specific solutions were added and now HansaWorld's principle product, Standard ERP, hosts 45 modules in 25 languages.

Today, HansaWorld is a multi-award wining software vendor with headquarters in New Zealand and hosts a strong network of subsidiary companies and distribution partners on all continents.

Despite the scale of operations, HansaWorld CEO, Karl Bohlin holds the company true to its humble beginnings, making profound efforts to encourage a strong sense of community within and around the company's network.